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Become an Affiliate Member

Arts organizations in Lakeland, Florida, may apply to have Affiliate Member access to, the public promotion and communication tool for the Lakeland Mayor’s Council on the Arts.

Member benefits 

  • Digital presence on 
  • Access to add events and programs to the calendar 
  • Programs/Events on calendar used in social media promotions of


How to Apply

Lakeland-based art-centric non-profit organizations are invited to fill out the application below and upload all required supporting documents. Individual artists and for-profit organizations, with a majority of work being art-centric, will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Continuing participation is reviewed regularly by the Council. Each year, approval will be granted if programming has continued for the past 18 months. If programming has not been scheduled, acceptance will be rescinded. Organization can re-apply and the Chair of the Council will conduct the re-approval process.

Deadline: Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis and are reviewed at Mayor’s Council on the Arts meetings.

Required Supporting Documents 

  1. Copy of organization’s mission and vision
  2. Document explaining the geographic basis for your events.
    a. Where do the people who participate live?
    b. Where are the people who are served live?
  3. Proof of operating or production experience
  4. Copy of current By-Laws/Articles of Incorporation
  5. List of current Board Members and Staff
  6. List of events held in the last calendar year with attendance records
  7. Samples of marketing materials