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Drinks with the Director: Why is THAT Famous?!? (Part II)

Thursday, Mar 18, 2021

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Did you catch the last “Drinks with the Director: Why is THAT Famous?!?” It was hands-down one of our most fun programs EVER! If you did attend, you know how much fun we had, and chances are you still have so many more questions waiting to be answered! If you didn’t, now is your chance to join in on the interactive fun

YES! By popular demand, we now return with the sequel — “Why is that Famous?!? (Part II)” — picking up right where we left off!

While we covered the oh-so-familiar Campbell’s Soup Cans, the Scream, Mona Lisa, and even Starry Night, our esteemed panel barely scratched the surface of famous works about which you might be wondering: Why is THAT famous?!?

For Part Two, join Dr. Alex Rich, Executive Director and Chief Curator, via Facebook Live or Zoom Thursday, March 18, with Dr. Kristen Carter, Assistant Professor of Art History at Florida Southern College; Holly Scoggins, Professor of Art at Polk State College; and Andrew Coombs, Professor of Ceramics at Polk State College, as they continue to tackle the perennial question behind some of history’s most renowned works of art.

During the program, we’ll also be asking YOU which famous works intrigue or puzzle you the most! Have an image of a famous work you love, whose acclaim you don’t understand, or simply want the panel to discuss? Add the image or title of the work to the comments either via Facebook Live or Zoom, and the panel will try to chat about it! We’ll “see” you virtually at 6 pm on March 18!

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