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Virtual Symphony Band Spring Concert

Thursday, Jun 3, 2021

7:30pm – 8:30pm

Symphony Band – directed by J. Jossim

Featuring First Light by David Maslanka, Law and Order March by Harry Alford, and Aurora Awakes by John Mackey. Maslanka writes “First Light has two characters. They are marked in the musical score as “unforgettable wounds – darkness,” and “perseverance – first light.” It has been my long personal experience that no real change, no transformation, occurs without crisis. We don’t move if we don’t have to. This is as true on the societal and environmental levels as it is on the personal. We are facing huge crises in our society and in our world, with every aspect of human darkness rising to the surface. It is my faith that we, with imagination, work, and perseverance, are at the edge of a profound transformation – a movement into light.”

June 3 – 7:30pm


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