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Crash Course: When Did Photography Become Art?

Thursday, Jun 17, 2021

6:00pm – 7:00pm

We’re bringing you another crash course inspired by our new exhibition, Josephine Sacabo: Those Who Dance!

When photography was first invented and announced to the world in the 1830s, it was acclaimed as an astonishing scientific and technological achievement, a revolutionary moment in the history of the world. Photography changed the way that people viewed the world and themselves — but when it came to being considered works of art, photographs had a long way to go. In fact, photographs did not begin to be accepted as examples of fine art for nearly another 50 years.

So when — and how — did the science of photography become art? What transformations did photographs have to undergo to become considered museum-worthy as works of ART? How did artists deploy new techniques and begin to use this medium uniquely to change the way we look at art today?

Join Dr. Alex Rich via Facebook Live or Zoom on June 17 at 6 pm for this intensive crash course on the history of photograph as an art form! Dr. Rich cannot wait to chat with you live, so come ready with your questions, insights, and comments, and we’ll “see” you then!

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